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 We are always happy to assist our customers but find that the majority of  technical support questions have answers in the instruction sheets & in the case of the SLS/XLS Cameras also in the video tutorials that come with the item. Please check those references for the answer to your question first before contacting us. If the answer to your question is in the instructions or tutorial, please don't be offended if we tell you the answer is in those references. We spent a lot of time creating them in an effort to cover just about any question that may come up. If for some reason the answer is not in the instructions or tutorial fully fill out the form below & we will do our very best to assist you. 

     If a product needs to be sent back for repair or reprogramming the customer is responsible for shipping the item to us & return shipping plus the cost of parts & labor (we will inform you of the cost once we assess the damage & repair that needs to be done). We will then contact you to get the green light before proceeding. Tablet reprogramming is a flat $100 fee. We will complete the repair & ship it back to you in a timely manner (usually within a couple of days of us receiving it). Our goal is for everyone of our customers to have a great experience with our products. Thank you. 

Technical Support

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