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     Having lived in two haunted homes for years, we understand what your going through. Through a decade of research and experience in the field we understand there are different types of entities and many different types of hauntings. We investigate using our proven spirit communication techniques, research methods, and the use of state of the art equipment . We always educate our clients on the situation they are dealing with and how to handle it. Our goal in every investigation is to validate the haunting, educate the client on how to deal with it, and if necessary clear the property of the entity or entities haunting.

     To book Relatively Paranormal for an investigation please fill out your contact info and we will respond ASAP! You may also click on the Chat Button and if we are online we can talk to you immediately. Our email address and social media account links are on the contact page below. No matter how you decide to reach out to us, if you need help we will be there for you.    

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