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SLS CAMERA 3D Mapping for Ghost Hunting

All New Upgraded Version - The Best SLS Camera just got better by including every feature for every customer & at the best price online!

THIS IS THE FIRST & ONLY SLS WITH AN UPGRADED TABLET, BUILT-IN SCREEN/AUDIO RECORDING & IMAGE CORRECTION. The original SLS program films in an inverted mirror image so left is on the right side of the screen, which super confusing! Our Exclusive Image Correction Program fixes that issue & films w/a normal camera view!! This program is also much easier to use than the original SLS software.


UPGRADED 8" & 10" Tablets (refurbished)

* SLS software installed including screen/audio recording & image correction program

* 3D Mapping Camera (pre-owned)

* Rechargeable & Long-Lasting Battery w/charger

* High Quality mounts

* Video tutorial & instruction manual

* Lifetime video chat tech support

    The SLS CAM is the device that revolutionized ghost hunting by allowing us to capture moving images of spirits in stick figure form through the use of advanced 3D mapping technology. We have thoroughly researched this tech & program our tablets to work seamlessly with the 3D mapping hardware. Most companies just slap the basic software on cheap tablets & call it a day! This is the reason we see so many SLS CAMS crash on TV Ghost Hunting Shows. We spend hours tailoring our tablets for this tech so our SLS CAMs can capture mind blowing evidence for our customers!! This high-quality set up comes with all the hardware, software, accessories & will arrive assembled ready to use right out of the box! You will receive absolutely everything needed to capture amazing paranormal evidence! We even provide you with a tutorial video saved on the tablet covering everything you need to know from A-Z. This will allow you to use it like a pro from day one! The best part of the tutorial is that it's saved on the tablet for you to refer to anytime you have a question during an investigation. Your SLS sessions will be recorded on the tablet All other SLS CAMS you have to film with a second camera or pay for an extra expensive screen recording program. These screen recorders also take away processing power needed by tablet to properly utilize the 3D mapping technology which causes problems such as video lag & tablet crashing. Since our SLS has a built-in screen recorder & is part of the tablets programming it works seamlessly with the SLS Camera. We are the only company that has image correction & screen/audio recording built right in.

     We have all of the parts to build SLS CAMS in stock so we can build & ship super-fast. Having the parts already in stock allows us to thoroughly test & quality control every part before using them in an SLS. Most other sellers are waiting for you to place an order to gather these parts to build their SLS CAMS , this is why they take weeks to build & ship. It also means they do very little quality control & have to hastily throw their device together. We came up with this build design & programing in 2020 never intending to sell, we intended to use it to capture amazing evidence. We use the highest quality parts & every device is built identical to our own SLS CAM. Everyone else is just copying our design from pictures, using cheap replacement parts, & don't program the tablets (even if they wanted to they dont have our programming).

    The  Shipping & Delivery timeframes given at checkout are the slowest during busy times but we usually ship in 1 -2 days.

     We take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do & use only the highest quality parts in our builds.

Definition of "Refurbished Tablet"

**Refurbished tablets are pre-owned (used). As a result they will have cosmetic imperfections in them such as scratches, knicks, chips, etc. They may have minor white spots or discolored areas in the screen but will be in perfect working condition. Used refurbished tablets is the only way to be able to keep the SLS at this affordable price. The tablets are meant to be used for the SLS CAM only & will work perfectly for that purpose. None of these physical imperfections will affect the way the device performs & will not be seen in the videos it produces for your to review & share. We thoroughly test all tablets before using them to build our SLS Cameras.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal Equipment



SLS CAMERA 3D Mapping for Ghost Hunting

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  • We are Paranormal Investigators just like you, so know your excited to get your new device ASAP! We will ship you order within 1 - 4 business days of your order. We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping is 2 - 4 day delivery, it all depends on where you live in relation to Massachusetts!

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