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Originally invented by spirit communication guru, Steve Huff as a more portable & affordable version of his original Portal. The Mini Portal removes static, radio snippets , muttering word bank voices, & background noise from any spirit box or spirit box app. It also gives the user full control over how much reverb to add to the sound. Steve believes that reverb is key to not only clear spirit voices but also helps the spirits manipulate the audio. We are in 100% agreement with this theory as we have experienced amazing spirit interaction over the years by adding reverb to our spirit communication sessions. Using the Mini Portal we hear almost zero radio shows bleeding through, only 95% extremely clear spirit voices. The amplified speaker significantly increases the sound level. It will make your spirit box sound incredible. The spirits can also use the extra power put out by the amplified speaker for energy to speak. We are talking about a night & day situation between using a spirit box or app with & without a Mini Portal!

We now have a version with a louder & deeper sounding Fender Speaker Version & it also has a larger 10,000 mAh battery that lasts twice as long. Available in variations at checkout).

The original Mini Portal was powered by a wall plug so it would be provided with linear (constant) power but we designed it to be used with a rechargeable cell phone battery pack. We were able to accomplish this using a power converter that gives the pedals the same linear power supply as a plug. Similar devices using three 9v batteries or 6 AA battery packs not only make using their device extremely expensive to use , replacing these batteries every investigation is extremely expensive. Using 9v batteries to power effects pedals means that when they drain down to about 70% power left the pedals don't operate properly & the sound drastically changes as the 9v battery drains down. Our amplified speaker is powered by a fully rechargeable lithium ion 9v battery. This makes our Mini Portal 100% rechargeable and able to be used for hours. If your battery pack drains down, you can either plug in a different battery pack or plug it in using any charging block wall plug. If the 9v rechargeable battery powering the amp dies you can use any 9v battery while you recharge the battery.m.

We call this The Real Mini Portal because we will ONLY build them with the identical parts & design as Steve built his with, PERIOD. Every other so-called Portal on the market is using cheap replacement pedals & in some cases cheap amps. Steve Huff stated that he tried many, many different parts in an effort to get this right. In the case of the reverb pedal it has to be hooked up to a computer & have over 30 different settings we program into it. So, if you're not using that exact pedal & programming it with these settings you're not building a Real Mini Portal. In Steve words regarding both the Mini Portal & Portal "Anyone swaying from any of these parts while constructing this device is NOT making a REAL Portal or Mini Portal, it will not work or sound the same"!!

We added thicker, quality Fender cables as they improved the sound significantly! We also attached the same copper wire to the cables similiar to the full size Portal for the spirits to use as an antennae.

Includes:  Everything shown in the pictures.

(Spirit Box or Spirit Box App NOT INCLUDED)

Disclaimer: The color of parts used in build may differ. This device is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee that you will be able to speak to spirits using it as they have their own free will & can decide on their own whether or not they want to communicate. It must be used as a known haunted location where spirits actually exist.

The Real Mini Portal 100% Authentic & Rechargeable

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  • We are Paranormal Investigators just like you, so know your excited to get your new device ASAP! We will ship you order within 1 - 4 business days of your order. We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping is 2 - 4 day delivery, it all depends on where you live in relation to Massachusetts!

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