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Ghost Hunting Magnetic Energy Detector (Manovex)

     The device detects changes in the magnetic energy field & its north/south polarity often caused by paranormal activity! This monitoring device provides visual & auditory alarms when these changes occur! Does not detect man-made EMF. Spirits are made of energy, our theory is: they are primarily made up of magnetic energy similar to the natural energy fields produced by the earth. 

   During paranormal investigations fluctuations in the magnetic energy field are often documented. These Magnetic field are in two forms:

1) Energy spikes.  Sudden increases in the strength of the magnetic field

2) Polarity switches. Magnetic fields are bipolar & are either North or South polarity. It was recorded that on occasion the ambient magnetic field during a paranormal investigation switches polarity.


It auto calibrates in three steps:

When the device is switched on, the RED (North polarity) & BLUE (South Polarity) alternatively flash. during this time the device isn't monitoring the magnetic fields and allows the investigator time to put it on a stable surface. It will then flash the North and South polarity lights together.  It is at this point a current baseline of magnetic field is recorded. After it switches off both North and South lights, it is monitoring for fluctuations.  During the first few minutes of operation it learns any repeating natural patterns of change & adjusts accordingly. After the device is moved, it is recommend to recalibrate by resetting it. The longer it is on in one area, the more accurate it will get in detecting the anomalous patterns.

     If the MagnoVex detects a pattern of change you are notified with either:

“RED - North polarity” or “BLUE - South polarity”. If you only see one polarity being detected, what you are seeing is a sudden spike in the Magnetic field strength. It has been observed that during some paranormal events the polarity of the magnetic field switches. You can see that happening when you see first an alarm for one colour, then an alarm for the other colour.


9v Battery included

Ghost Hunting Magnetic Energy Detector (Magnovex)

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