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K2 EMF Meter

This is the #1 EMF meter used by Ghost Hunters during their paranormal investigations. The colored LED lights let you know how high energy levels are spiking near the device. You can even use these colored lights to communicate with spirits, example: if the answer to this question is yes light it up yellow, if the answer is no light up to red. This EMF meter is extremely easy to use with its one button design. Click the button once to turn it on & click it again to turn it off. It doesn't get any more simpler than that which is a huge advantage when investigating in the pitch dark. It's soundless design will not ruin your EVPs during your investigations as a loud beeping EMF meter would. At this price you can't go wrong.

Spirits are believed to be made up of energy. This EMF meter is used by paranormal investigators to look for unatatural readings or changes in the electromagnetic field (EMF) indicating the possible presence of a spirit. When this happens The colored LED lights on the device will let you know how high the energy levels are spiking. Each color indicates a different level up to 25 mg for red color. Also by getting a spirit to set off the device to a certain color on command it's a great way to prove that they are present. It is very compelling evidence when this occurs.

When it comes to EMF meters there is no better value or bigger bang for your buck!

Disclaimer: We guarantee the device will arrive in perfect working condition. If any damage occurs during shipping you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery so we can work with you to resolve the issue. We do not include any warranties with our products. Everything we build and sell is extremely high quality and designed to be long lasting if cared for and used per the instructions that we send you to the letter.

K2 EMF Meter

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  • We do not accept returns or give refunds. All of our equipment is used for paranormal investigations. As investigators ourselves we know that involves walking around in the dark where equipment gets dropped or knocked over. We do guarantee you will recieve a fully funtional device & we offer video chat tech support up request on all of our devices. We test every device before shipping so guarantee you will recieve a fully funtional device. This item is brand new so if its not working when you recieve it contatct us withing 72 hours of tracked delivery time. thank you

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