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Ghost Hunting Thermal Anomoly Detector

     Constantly measures changes in the ambient temperature of the room. The device will provide audio / visual notifications if it detects sudden hot or cold spots. It encorperates fast environment monitoring, with a sophisticated alarm system which not only detects brief periods of extreme temperature changes, but allows the user to see what was detected after the event staying lit for a few moments.


The device conducts a baseline calibration when it starts, flashing purple & cyan until it has completed.

After that point, it measures the temperature many times a second and if this temperature deviates from the average of the past 100 readings by 0.2 degrees, it raises the alarm. The normalize function prevents false alarms. After a hot/cold spot is reported, it doesn’t alert you to the opposite when the temperature returns back to normal.

This function prevents false alarms. In other temperature sensors they tend to then give an alarm as the temperature returns to normal.  When you see a hot or cold spot alarm, you can be sure that something new has actually happened.

The purpose of this device to scientifically document the phenomenon of cold and hot spots during paranormal activity & to provide a warning to pay close attention to what else might be going on!

*Requires 9 volt battery (battery included)

Ghost Hunting Thermal Anomaly Detector (Cold & Hot Spots)

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