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Ghost Hunting Pro EMF Meter

by Relatively Paranormal Equipment  (check out our full line of ghost hunting equipment in our eBay store!)

EMF Meter has a digital & color readout. Reads both the magnetic (natural) & electric (man-made) energy fields with separate readouts. It also can display the ambient temperature instantly. Meter has audible & visual EMF spike alerts. Device can keep track of average EMF readings & the maximum reading captured during your sessions. Shows EMF readings for both magnetic & electric energy fields in numeric value, with a graph, & will tell you how dangerous the level is by saying good or bad! We are selling the same identical EMF meter as Ghost Stop for half the price they are!!! Coloring of digital readout screen changes from green to red when alerting of an EMF spike - will begin beeping simultaneously (audible alert can be shut off to not interfere with EVPs). Magnetic energy fields are closer to the natural energy fields given off by the Earth. Electric energy fields are more common with man-made sources of energy like appliances - electronics. By allowing you to separate between the two can help you determine whether whatever being detected is paranormal or not! This device can detect EMF levels up to 2000MG while most other meters only detect between 25 and 200MG of EMF.

      Spirits are believed to be made up of energy. This EMF meter is used by paranormal investigators to look for unatatural readings or changes in the electromagnetic field (EMF), the theory being that the presence of a spirit causes significant changes in the EMF field. The paranormal world also believes that when spirits need energy they can draw it from the heat in the atmosphere around us causing cold spots. This meter also has an ambient temperature display that also looks for this type of phenomenon by adjusting the temperature every few seconds based upon changes between hot and cold in the atmosphere. When the meter detects both a high EMF spike & a drop in temperature there is a very good chance a spirit is present. If you can get a spirit to set the EMF spike meter off or drop the temp on command then you can use this method to communicate with them by getting the spirit to do this for a yes & no responses. It is very compelling evidence when this occurs.

     We have used this identical meter for over 4 years & it appears in almost every Relatively Paranormal investigation video we have ever done! You can even see us using it as a way for spirits to make themselves known or show how powerful they are in many of the videos. When it comes to EMF meters there is no better value or bigger bang for your buck than the Ghost Hunting Pro EMF Meter! Some EMF meters can sell for over $100 & have less features.

Disclaimer: We guarantee the device will arrive in perfect working condition. If any damage occurs during shipping you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery so we can work with you to resolve the issue. We do not include any warranties with our products. Everything we build and sell is extremely high quality and designed to be long lasting if cared for and used per the instructions that we send you to the letter.

Ghost Hunting Pro Emf Meter - 3 in 1 device

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