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Spirit Energy Device


(Optional Limited Edition Spirit Quartz Edition adds a 3rd crystal called spirit quartz, which is very rare & only found in a mountain range in south Africa. It has been known to enhance our connection to the spirit world. It has a solid crystal inside that absorbs & amplifies energy. Then the small crystals that encrust the outside release the energy in all different directions.)

Spirits require a powerful energy source to manifest, interact, & communicate with you. Ghosts cannot create their own energy & have no bodies to store the energy they take from our equipment / bodies. This one of a kind device contains 2 energy Pumps + Quartz & AmethysCrystal Energy Amplifiers! Energized spirits are known to cause more paranormal activity, allowing you to capture amazing evidence! The device was recently used by TAPS on the paranormal TV show Ghost Hunters season 15 episodes 1, 2, & 7!

If your a ghost hunter this is a must have piece equipment for you take on your next paranormal investigation! I handcraft each Power Plant using only the highest quality & strength materials. The 2 powerful energy pumps bombard Quartz & Amethyst crystals with massive amounts of energy. This unique energy is then amplified & released into the immediate area for Spirits to use in order to interact & communicate with you during paranormal investigations. Quartz is one of nature's most powerful energy amplifiers & it also unlocks the qualities of other crystals like Amethyst, which is well known for its ability to enhance our connection to the spirit world.

( The optional Spirit quartz is a high vibrational crystal know specifically for it's ability close the gap between vibrational levels of the living & the dead allowing for increased interaction!)

Instead of having spirits drain your equipment or body for a quick burst energy & a short wave of activity, The Power Plant (TM) gives them a constant energy source they can return to again & again to power themselves up which gives them the ability to interact as long as they desire.

The Power Plant (TM) is the key that opens the door to the spirit world.

THE POWER PLANT (TM) is produced by Relatively Paranormal Equipment "investigators building equipment for other ghost hunters who want to take their investigations to the next level!"

Also included are Waterproof Push Button On/Off Battery Boxes that easily snap open & close! The devices enclosure is also waterproof! Every Power Plant comes with a set of anti-vibration pads.


Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal Equipment

EM Pump

The Power Plant

Disclaimer: This device does not guarantee contact or communication with the spirit world. This device is for entertainment purposes only. Spirits are dead human beings with free will & The Power Plant (TM) cannot make them interact with you, all spirits desire more energy & most want to interaction with the living.

THE POWER PLANT Spirit Energy Device - Energy 4 Ghosts = Activity 4 You!

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$72.24Sale Price
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  • The Power Plant is made to order item that we build & ship within 7 business days from the date of your order.

    We are also investigators & know what it's like to be excited to recieve a new peice of equipment, so always work hard to get everyone there new devices asap!

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