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XLS CAMERA Advanced 3D Mapping Camera 4 Ghost Hunting by Relatively Paranormal Equipment

     Read Our Reviews & buy with confidence that you're getting the best XLS camera on the planet! Check out the full line of ghost hunting equipment we carry in our eBay store! (12" Tablet version of the XLS CAM is available in our eBay shop!)

   Our exclusive  XLS Camera programming allows for Real Time 3D Mapping, all other XLS cams will lag for 2 to 3 seconds between what you're seeing live in front of you & what is being captured by the device. This also causes you to miss valuable evidence due to the lightning fast speed at which spirits move. Our programming has corrected this issue, allowing you to 3D map with our turbocharged real time system. We have not sold or shared this programming with anyone & are the only company with this exclusive XLS CAM system!

      This is the most advanced ghost hunting equipment device on the planet!  Our XLS CAM is superior because we never intended to sell it. We intended to build the best XLS on the planet to capture amazing paranormal evidence.The XLS uses advanced 3D mapping to capture moving images of up to 16 spirits at a time as stick figures! The device also captures evidence of paranormal activity that goes way beyond stick figures such as: solid looking ORBs that cast shadows, apparitions, & strange mist anomalies that change color & shape.  We have researched this technology for over 4 years &  program our XLS  tablets to work seamlessly w/the 3D mapping technology. We then developed this unique design & built it with the highest quality parts. Other builders have tried copied to our build design from pictures using poor quality replacement parts. You cannot copy our exclusive programming & streamlined tablet setup from pictures though. As a result they just slap the original XLS software on a cheap tablet & call it a day, with no further set up or programming done. The original XLS software program was intended to be used by video game developers to create 3D environments & characters using powerful desktop computers, As a result  just throwing the software on a cheap tablet without doing an extensive amount of programming & setup causes that software to work improperly with a much less powerful system. We have discovered six different & distinct 3D mapping screens which we show you how to record simultaneously during your sessions, we also show you how to seamlessly switch between them without affecting the recordings. The six screens  are: 3D color & black & white, 2D & 3D infrared night vision, 2D color (similar to the original SLS) & full 3D textured. The competition can only show you how to use the two default screens that are  setup on the original XLS program. We save our full A to Z video tutorial on the tablets main desktop screen for you to refer to anytime you have a question, even during an investigation. It will teach you all the do's & don'ts we have learned while designing, building, using, & selling this device over the last 4 years. The tutorial is over 15 minutes long & covers absolutely everything you need to know about operating this device including how to screen record any of the 6 screens for review & video sharing following your investigations.

      XLS Cameras come complete with all the hardware, accessories, & software installed! It arrives assembled & ready to use right out of the box!

Included: * 10" or 12" tablet w/ charger (refurbished) * Our XLS programming & software installed * 3D Mapping Camera (pre-owned) * Long Lasting & Rechargeable Battery Pack * High Quality Mounts * Handmade Wiring Enclosure * Instructional Video Tutorial

     This is a true next generation device in every way! The XLS uses time of flight technology, which is like sonar, it casts out an infrared beam that when it hits something with mass & density it bounces back to the XLS where its advanced software algorithm maps the area. The XLS also has a 4-microphone array & uses the sound they pick up for spatial accuracy in the mapping process! This means there are no false positives with this device. The XLS CAM can capture up to 16 spirits at a time in stick figure form with 26 joints, shoulders, hips, hands, feet etc. The device is fully rechargeable & has a long-lasting power bank. The mount we use allows you to easily pick up the XLS & put it down safely. This mount is extremely stable with wide base. The included tablet mount is also of the highest quality & securely keeps the tablet in place! Our hand-made wiring enclosure keeps all the connections free from damage!! We take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do! Our mission from day one has been to help you capture amazing evidence of paranormal activity because we are investigators just like you!

     We thoroughly test all tablets before using them in our builds. We always have all of the parts for the XLS in stock so usually ship in 1 -2 days but during busy times it could take up to 4 days to ship. (The competition does not & is waiting for you to place your order before they even are able to buy the parts. Even worse is that this allows for zero testing of quality & whether or not they work properly. We also saw an ad about someone tearing apart the original wiring which has 13 tiny wires inside of it in order to save less than a third of a pound worth of weight, we can't see any advantage to this because if two of those wires touch it's over for that XLS!!. They also put some sort of bar on the mount & Jimmy rig on there, It looks to be metal so I'm pretty sure that cancels out whatever weight savings tearing apart of those 13 tiny wires got them!!)

     **Refurbished tablets are pre-owned (used). As a result, they will have cosmetic imperfections in them such as scratches, knicks, chips, etc. They may have minor white spots or discolored areas in the screen but will be in perfect working condition. Used refurbished tablets is the only way we can keep pricing affordable. None of these physical imperfections will affect the way the device performs & will not be seen in the video it produces for your review & share. 

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XLS Camera Advanced 3D Mapping 4 Ghost Hunting

$549.99 Regular Price
$467.49Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • We are Paranormal Investigators just like you, so know your excited to get your new device ASAP! We will ship you order within 1 - 4 business days of your order. We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping is 2 - 4 day delivery, it all depends on where you live in relation to Massachusetts!

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