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     The XLS uses advanced 3D mapping to capture moving images of up to 16 spirits at a time as stick figures! The device also captures evidence of paranormal activity that go way beyond stick figures such as: solid looking ORBs that cast shadows, apparitions, & strange mist anomalies that change color & shape. This is the most advanced ghost hunting equipment device on the planet! Our XLS Camera is the only one programmed with Real Time 3D Mapping. We developed this programming to overcome the serious lag issue the XLS has. Meaning what you were looking at live wouldn't show up on the screen for several seconds. The lag also seriously slowed down the mapping making you miss crucial evidence captures. We are the only company to have overcome this issue making the Real Time 3D Mapping feature exclusive to Relatively Paranormal Equipment's XLS!!

   Our XLS Camera comes complete with all the hardware, accessories, & software installed! The XLS arrives assembled & ready to use right out of the box! It includes a powerful 10" tablet or upgrade to the 12"tablet. The software has a screen recorder built right into it. The XLS captures full 1080 HD quality video! Every part of this device is high quality & made to last. Records 6 screens simultaneously, the 6 different types of screens available to record are: 3D color & black & white, 2D & 3D infrared night vision, 2D color (similar to the original SLS) & full 3D textured. An instruction sheet & video tutorial are included showing you how to operate the XLS from A to Z. This allows you to use the device like a pro day one! 

* 10" tablet w/ charger (refurbished)

* 12" tablet w/ charger (refurbished) Upgrade Available

* Our XLS programming & software installed

* 3D Mapping Camera

* Long Lasting & Rechargeable Battery Pack

* High Quality Mounts

* Handmade Wiring Enclosure

* Instructional Video Tutorial

     This is a true next generation device in every way! The XLS uses time of flight technology, w