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Ghost Hunting Static Meter
     This device scientifically documents the static electricity feeling In the air when spirits are around us. The static feeling that makes our hand stand up and gives us goosebumps. Now there is a device that gives you scientific evidence of this paranormal activity for your paranormal videos!
     Our static meter is extremely easy to use as it has one power switch that you turn on activating the green power on light. Set it in an area where you can monitor it and when static electricity is present within the immediate area of this device either a blue light for positive static ions will activate or a red light for negative static ions will activate. These lights will stay lit as long as the static electricity around it is present. If the static electricity is powerful enough the light will begin to flash signaling such an event is occurring. Once the static electricity anomaly is gone the light will automatically shut itself off. Both the positive and negative static electricity ion lights have reset buttons underneath them if you want to reset the sensors at any time.
     This device is great when using conjunction with our EMF meter. Since our static meter does not pick up man-made electricity to have them both go off at the same time is very compelling evidence. We have used this static meter for almost 3 years and it has provided us with some amazing paranormal evidence that we used in our videos. The static meter can even be used to communicate with spirits if you can make them go near it to set off the lights for a yes and step away from it for a no answer.
     We have these in stock so they will ship out immediately via USPS first class mail.

Ghost Hunting Static Meter

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