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Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum 4K Camera w/front & rear viewing screens!

NEW! For the first time ever record amazing 4K ghost hunting videos on a full spectrum camera that has both a front and rear viewing screen. The front screen allows you to take selfie style videos just like you do with your cell phone in complete darkness being able to see yourself in the screen and whatever lurks behind you. Switch to the larger rear screen to easily be able to record everything in front of you!

In the paranormal field it is believed that spirits can be better seen in the light spectrums of infrared & ultraviolet. The human eye can't see these light spectrums but this camera can. This is the ultimate camera for paranormal investigations. This camera also records video & takes photos in crystal clear 4K resolution! With our high quality 4K full spectrum camera you will be able to capture incredible paranormal evidence on your investigations & have crystal clear video & photos to show in your ghost hunting videos!

Take amazing full spectrum videos & photos during your paranormal investigations! Very lightweight to carry around all night while ghost hunting! Ultra wide angle lens makes it easy to capture the whole scene & image stabilization keeps your videos steady while you walk around the location. The included app allows you to monitor the video feed from your phone. The motion detection features lets you leave the camera to monitor an area & It will activate when it senses motion. You can put up to 128 GB microSD card in the camera to take hours of video. The camera can also be plugged in to a battery pack to record while charging to lengthen your record times by hours. This is the ultimate camera for any paranormal investigator & we are selling it at an absolutely unbeatable price!


* Dual Screen 4K full spectrum camera

* 2 Batteries w/charger

* Waterproof Case

* 32 GB micro SD card

* Mounting Adapter Accessories

* Carrying pouch

* micro fiber cloth

(Optional Add-ons: mini handheld & fold-out tripod, rechargeable night vision light, frame case w/mounting adapter or any combination of these.)

Also there are tons of different ways to mount this camera on your body, car, backpack, & mounts available to buy that are very inexpensive!

(While inside the waterproof case the cameras ability to record audio is limited due to the sealed enclosure. We recommend adding the Frame Case Variation that we offer because it allows you to use the camera mounted without a waterproof enclosure leaving the microphone of the camera fully exposed & able to capture better audio.)

Disclaimer: We guarantee the device will arrive in perfect working condition. If any damage occurs during shipping you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery so we can work with you to resolve the issue. We do not include any warranties with our products. Everything we build and sell is extremely high quality and designed to be long lasting if cared for and used per the instructions that we send you to the letter.

Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum 4K Camera w/front & rear viewing screens!

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