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Ghost hunting Vibration Detector (Sizmo)

     Sensitive vibration sensor w/visual & audible alerts!

This vibration monitoring device provides visual and auditory alarms when it detects a vibration

During a paranormal investigation, people often report taps, bangs and footsteps. This device is designed to alert the investigator if any of these sounds actually caused physical vibrations in whatever it is placed on or near.

It uses a revolutionary vibration focusing chamber within the device to capture even the smallest of vibrations. It doesn't even need to be placed on a solid surface to work, check out the demo video to see it detect vibrations whilst sitting on a 4" block of foam!



When the device starts, it performs a system check followed by a green light and two beeps to show it is ready to go.

If it detects a vibration, the device will light up purple, and provide a brief tone before the purple light slowly dims.

It is constantly monitoring, so even if an alarm is triggered, further vibrations will produce further alarms.

Very high frequency vibrations would show themselves as an almost constant alarm, rather than individual tones.

The focus chamber within the device is designed to maximise the sensing capability. One component of the chamber is a moving weight, which can be heard if the device is shaken.

Requires 9 volt battery (battery included)

Ghost Hunting Vibration Detector

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