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for Ghost Hunting 100% Authentic & Recheable

with NEW & Extremely Rare Speaker (We were able to find this rare amplified speaker brand new)!

This Device Allows You To Have The Type Of Spirit Communication That Every Paranormal Investigator Dreams Of!

(Please read entire description)

The Portal was originally invented by Steve Huff to significantly improve spirit communication in several ways. First the device removes static, background noise, radio snippets, & muttering word bank voices from spirit boxes & spirit box apps. This leaves you with 95% clear & intelligent spirit voices. Second it adds reverb to the audio which is proven to help spirits communicate & allows them to come through so clear it's like a live person is talking to you. This is also an extremely powerful device & spirits can use some of that energy to communicate. There are several adjustment knobs on the device allowing you to tune the reverb & noise to your liking (if you want some static or less/more reverb). When used properly The Real Portal will allow you to have nothing short of mind-blowing conversations with the dead.

The Real Portal has a large, rechargeable battery that powers the entire device & will last all night long. It can be used with any spirit box radio or your favorite spirit box app. The included auxiliary cord allows you to plug it into the headphone jack of your spirit box or phone/tablet (if you're using a spirit box app). There are several knobs that allow you to adjust the sound to the liking of yourself & the spirits. We have put powerful Spirit quartz & Amethyst Crystal in each effect pedal. Spirit quartz is a rare crystal that helps enhance our connection to the spirit world, & amethyst improves communication w/the spirit world. The crystals are in both of the powerful pedals which are connected by a copper wire, which acts as an energy conductor & antennae for the spirits to better tune themselves into the device.

The Real PORTAL includes everything & will be ready to use right out of the box. We will only make this device the exact way Steve Huff made them himself & with all the identical parts. We will not use any of the cheap replacement parts used by every other device that calls itself a Portal. Steve Huff tried tons of different amplifiers, effects pedals, & configurations in order to achieve the perfect Portal. He even used spirit communication to ask the spirits what parts they liked using the best. Steve was quoted as saying “Anyone who builds this device & sways from any of the parts I use in the build has not made a Real Portal & it will NOT work the same! Trust Me On This!!” That is why we will not make it any other way, period. Every device we build is only made one way: with the highest quality parts & the right way. We never take shortcuts or cheap out on parts, EVER! The amplifier is the heart of this device & it fills the room with a deep & ethereal sound. The amp & effects pedals are no longer made new, they are pretty rare & the amp in particular is hard to find. When we sell out & if no amps are available to buy then the AD will be deactivated until we are able to acquire another one. We are paranormal investigators too & our #1 goal is always to help other investigators capture amazing evidence!!

Includes Instruction Manual & everything shown in pictures!


Disclaimer: This device is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee that you will be able to speak to spirits using it as they have their own free will & can decide on their own whether or not they want to communicate with.

THE REAL PORTAL for Ghost Hunting 100% Authentic, Rechargeable,& Amazing!

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  • We are Paranormal Investigators just like you, so know your excited to get your new device ASAP! We will ship you order within 1 - 4 business days of your order. We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping is 2 - 4 day delivery, it all depends on where you live in relation to Massachusetts!

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