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Ultra Ghost Hunting Night Vision Light Set 
**Set Includes:
- One Night Vision  Light
- One AA Battery Holder w/ On & Off Switch (batteries not included)
- One Hot Shoe Mount Adapter
- One Wall Plug
- Ghost Hunting Equipment - Paranormal Equipment
     The Ghost Hunting Night Vision Light Set comes assembled and ready to go. I have modified the light to me brighter & better on battery life! Now my paranormal evidence videos are much brighter & clearer than ever before! The more light a camera has to work with the better the video quality will be. (example: turn on your night vision camera during the day and look at how much better the picture is). It has an IR pass filter that reduces hot spots & prevents overexposure of any objects in the foreground. It has a range of over 120’ & a coverage spread of 90 degrees to help you illuminate a largThe  power  supplied is supplied from either the included AA battery holder or the FREE BONUS WALL PLUG. The battery holder has it's own on off switch so there is no need to disconnect the wires when you are done. No more worrying about your IR light dying after an hour during a 6 hour investigation. I never have to  change the batteries while ghost hunting with this light. It has an adjustable bracket allowing the spotlight to be moved up & down for different vertical angles. The included hot shoe mount adapter allows you to attach the it to any camera or mount that has a cold shoe insert. (pretty much all of them do now). Also works great to enhance the vision and picture quality of your SLS Camera in the Infared Resolution setting.
     All 4 parts of this set are high quality and long lasting. The Ghost Hunting Night Vision Light Set is a game changer for any paranormal investigator & will take the quality of your videos to the next level!!
     If your making paranormal videos this is a must have piece of ghost hunting equipment ! IT TURNS NIGHT INTO DAY!!
(camera, mount, & microphone in pictures not included)

Ultra Ghost Hunting Night Vision Light Set

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