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Ghost Hunting Motion Balls - Set of 4

Easy 2 Use & Easy 4 Spirits to Manipulate! Turn them on w/the press of one button once the flashing stops they are set to go off if anything moves them or a vibration occurs near them. Ask spirits to move or tap on the ball they will light up and flash as long as they are being manipulated. After a few seconds they will shut off until they are activated again. As vibration detectors they are incredible, set them down in an areas where phantom footsteps are reported & aim a static camera at them. The slightest bang or tap will set them off. It’s awesome when you put a couple of these on the floor, forget about them till all of a sudden they start flashing out of nowhere. Great for yes & no question and answer sessions with the spirit world, as ghosts can make them light up to answer yes or leave them alone to answer no. If you're a paranormal investigator on a budget these are amazing little devices to have!

Ghost Hunting Motion Balls ( set of 4)

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