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Welcome To The

Relatively Paranormal Equipment Store

Official Shop of Parapost Network & Global Ghost Hunt

Relatively Paranormal also researches & investigates

paranormal phenomenon related to hauntings!

Use the menu to easily navigate our site which includes our

ghost hunting equipment shop, product videos, over 145

paranormal videos, equipment reviews, news articles we

have been featured in, podcasts interviews, & more!!


We also have two established shops on ETSY & eBay.

All of our shops have the same products at the

same prices. Click either button at the top of every

page if you prefer to use our shops in those marketplaces.


Global Ghost Hunt is a 10 event taking place May 4th to the 14th & October 19th to the 29th. It will feature investigators, teams, & locations from all over the world. They will be live streaming their paranormal investigations to the global paranormal community & beyond. Relatively Paranormal has already signed up & will be investigating Hinsdale House in Upstate NY! If you dare to join sign up at! We are also very proud sponsors of this event!

​Mobile device users: We have a version

 of this site that is mobile friendly! It has 

our ghost hunting equipment shop &

access to all 145 of our paranormal videos!



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